Role specialisation and deep networks


Our selection service reaches deep into active candidate pools. The efficient identification and attraction, and effective assessment of active candidates requires a role function specialisation, a vast professional network and consultant expertise.

Whether a new or existing position, or a single or multiple role assignment, we first listen to understand your specific needs and unique requirements. Second, we deepen our understanding of your leadership, commercial goals, and organisational and cultural dynamics.


Our purpose is to maximise the reach of in-house resources in a period. Our established networks and database increase the breadth and depth of candidate attraction activities, and our established industry knowledge and understanding of functional best practice across your industry expedites the assessment of the right candidates.

We maximise internal resources reach through our role function specialisation and industry concentration.


Our expertise translates to efficiency and effectiveness. We assess each candidate for fit within the team and organisation. Expertise, experience and skill sets are measured and leadership preferences, career goals and personal drivers are identified and matched to each briefing to allow for informed decisions. Shortlists are refined efficiently and candidates are informed through each process stage honestly.


We act as your trusted partner by credibly presenting your opportunities to our networks, providing tangible insights through benchmarking candidates against pertinent talent pools, undertaking in-depth reference checks, and demonstrating a genuine commitment to post-placement follow up.

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